Step 1.

Submitting your Video Cover Letter script is really the start of the whole process.  However, you may be thinking, I can do this without a script. You may be able to do that, but your video won’t look as professional.  A script keeps you on point, keeps you from rambling and ensures you can stress all of your important points.  A script doesn’t have to be fancy.  A few paragraphs will do just fine.  If you like, you can have our professionals look over your script to get it just right. You’re probably thinking, “Man, I have no clue what to write..  I’ve never written a video script before.”  That’s OK!  We have some great examples available that will help you shape the perfect script.

Step 2.

Shooting the video is the next logical step isn’t it?  Really, we make the process painless. For many of you, this will be the first time you star in a professional video production.  No worries. We put you right at ease, get you ready, and you just read right from our teleprompter.  All you have to do is come dressed professionally.  Colors and patterns are also important to consider.  Thin stripes do not look good on camera.  Also, avoid wearing green or yellow clothing.  Since we shoot on a green screen, to give you background options, wearing green or yellow just won’t work.

Step 3.

Editing is really where the magic happens.  Even though many of you will never see this process, it’s really the most important part.  Usually taking 3-4 times as long as the shoot, most of the time spent on creating a Video Cover Letter is during editing.  Using our top of the line equipment and software, we edit in your chosen background, animate any text you selected, mix in some music and put together your end screen (contact information on last screen).

Step 4.

Now’s the time to share your video with the world.  We can upload your Video Cover Letter to YouTube as either an unlisted video or public video.  Already have a job, but curious about other opportunities?  Don’t want your current employer knowing you are searching?  Choose unlisted.  This way your video is only accessible if you have a direct link.  Not worried about being discovered, or just want to get your video out there for everyone to see?  Choose public.  Your video will be available to everyone on YouTube and you can share it with your Facebook friends, upload it to LinkedIn, and share it with all of your family.