What is a Video Cover Letter?

A Video Cover Letter is just that.  A Video.  It’s a new way to communicate with hiring managers, show off your personality and separate yourself from the competition.  Internet videos have started a true revolution in the way people consume content.  The internet as we know it will be changing over the next few years as more and more content becomes available.  Consumers are accustomed to watching high quality content on television.  When they consume content on the internet, they are expecting high quality productions.  Video Cover Letters are made to be universal for your job search.  You probably want to make one video cover letter and send it to multiple prospective employers.  However, if you want to make more than one, we are here to help!

Why use a Video Cover Letter

Hiring managers are being ever more picky when it comes to bringing people in for interviews.  Unless you’re in a position to create your own job, you’ll be stuck writing and sending endless cover letters and resumes for jobs that you’ll probably never hear back about.  Most of the time, your applications haven’t even made it past the computer screening software.  Even if you get past the first step, your application will be thrown into a pile of other resumes, getting lost in the mix.  Job searching in one of the worst economies in history is nothing short of frustrating and disappointing.  Remember – a job search is a marathon, not a sprint.  In the long haul you’ll absolutely find a job, but it takes time.  Video Cover Letters are a great way to get your application noticed, separate yourself from the competition and show yourself off as a true professional that goes above and beyond in all aspects of their career.  A Video Cover Letter tells your story in a method that a hiring manager will easily understand.  Your personality will shine by using video, telling the story of why they should hire you.

Video Cover Letter Business man holding sign

What you can expect

We can’t easily predict the future (otherwise we would be in a totally different business), however, Video Cover Letters are very effective.  Most hiring managers and HR representatives haven’t even heard of a Video Cover Letter, let alone require one.  You will instantly be viewed as a professional, someone that is serious about their career and a serious candidate for that amazing position you just applied for.

Save time– Applying for jobs takes time.  Once you produce a Video Cover Letter, it’s done!  You will still have to write cover letters but once you get a job, your search is over and you can move on with your life.

Gain Views- Hiring managers will notice your Video Cover Letter.  It will separate you from the competition, and get your application noticed.  Best yet, you can post your Video Cover Letter on your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and your own personal website, drawing more attention to your video.

I have a camcorder. Why can’t I just film my own?

We highly recommend you do not film your own Video Cover Letter.  We don’t recommend going out and buying yourself a camcorder and recruiting your best friend to film your cover letter this weekend. If your video is poorly produced, shaky with unintelligible audio, you will not impress them.  It could actually backfire and eliminate you from getting an interview.  To be taken seriously and professionally, hire a professional.  Having state of the art equipment and a wealth of experience makes the difference.  We have years of professional experience in broadcast television that will make your Video Cover Letter shine like that star you are.